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Joe and Toni Heath found each other on the internet, which is impressive because they didn't have the same last name yet. Toni was part of a writing collective known as the 5NerdsomeWriters, while Joe was making videos for the internets. Thanks to mutual friends and even more mutual interests, they started an online friendship. They went from talking to watching TV shows together to being in love. Toni wound up going to college close enough to actually meet Joe in person and make sure he didn't smell funny. He didn't (at the time) and this sealed the deal. They became inextricable parts of each other's worlds, both real and fictional. Nowadays, Joe continues his writing and filmmaking while Toni moved from The Unseen World to marketing. But mostly they watch TV. Now you can join them as they watch Classic Who.

Christine Cherry is a fantastic writer. She wrote our bio! (We wrote this one. You can tell.) Chris co-wrote Road Trippy with Joe and Ray Friesen, occasionally reviews things, co-hosted the Burn Noticed podcast, and is involved in amazing webseries like Brains, Relativity, and Sam and Pat Are Depressed. She was a groomswoman at our wedding.

Episodes: The Edge of Destruction, The Time Meddler, Dr. Who and the Daleks, The Celestial Toymaker, The Macra Terror, The Web of Fear, The Krotons, Inferno, The Dæmons, The Three Doctors, Third Doctor Special: The Karate Doctor, The Brain of Morbius, The Face of Evil, The Ribos Operation, Fourth Doctor Special: The Definite Article, Mawdryn Undead, The Five Doctors, Fifth Doctor Special: Cricket and Celery, The Two Doctors, Hiatus Special, The Ultimate Foe, Sixth Doctor Special: Trials and Tribulations, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, 7th Anniversary Special, Seventh Doctor Special: The Real McCoy, Father's Day.

Adam Clegg would love to claim that he became a fan of Doctor Who when he first saw Genesis of the Daleks in the early 90s, but if he's being entirely honest, it really started when he bought Time and the Rani on VHS at the tender age of 14. Since then, in between telling anyone who'll listen that the McCoy era is one of the show's all-time highlights, he has co-hosted/edited The Naked Scarf and taught at least one flatmate the phrase "classic Holmesian double act." These days you can find him rambling along with the lovely Brian on Harry Sullivan is an Imbecile or on his Seventh Doctor podcast The Real McCoy. While vaguely aware that a knowledge and deep love of a very silly TV program will not be a very useful survival skill in the upcoming apocalypse, Adam consoles himself by the fact that it's all at least a lot of fun.

Episodes: Horror of Fang Rock, Full Circle, Snakedance, The Five Doctors, Terror of the Vervoids, The Ultimate Foe, The Happiness Patrol, Doctor Who: The Movie, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Steve Conway grew up watching Doctor Who in the old school way - watching the episodes on BBC as they were originally transmitted in the 70s and 80s, then reading and re-reading the Target novelizations as they came out, before eventually graduating to the high-science of DVD copies. Steve attributes his early career in IT in the 80s to watching The Doctor meddle with myriad computer systems. In the late 80s, he left his safe IT job and ran away to sea, to become a newsreader (and later DJ) on a pirate radio ship in the North Sea. His many adventures and eventual shipwreck are told in the book Shiprocked - Life On The Waves with Radio Caroline. These days Steve still does radio and writing (for fun) and IT (to pay the bills).

Episodes: Paradise Towers, The Unquiet Dead.

Vincent E.L. is a writer/musician/entertainer. They also made the Atop the Fourth Wall theme song and that Reverend puppet in the Dr. Horrible bonus material. They make awesome music which you can listen to on their Bandcamp. They co-created Monsters Anonymous with Joe, co-wrote The Princess and the Pterodactyls with Joe and Ray Friesen, and was a groomsperson in our wedding.

Episodes: The Aztecs, The Space Museum, Dr. Who and the Daleks, The Ark, The Power of the Daleks, The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Dominators, Terror of the Autons, The Three Doctors, The Ark in Space, The Deadly Assassin, City of Death, Snakedance, The Five Doctors, The Happiness Patrol, Doctor Who: The Movie, Aliens of London/World War Three, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Christmas Invasion.

Ray Friesen draws lots of silly things, mostly penguins. He's made awesome all-age comics like Pirate Penguin Vs. Ninja Chicken and the recently Kickstarted Fairy Tales I Just Made Up. He also made the official Discworld Graphic Novel Adaptation of Small Gods. He co-wrote the novel The Princess and the Pterodactyls with Joe and Vincent E.L., as well as Road Trippy with Joe and Christine Cherry. He was a groomsman at our wedding.

Episodes: Marco Polo, Dr. Who and the Daleks, The Gunfighters, The Space Pirates, The Three Doctors, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Hiatus Special.

Welli Friesen is the sole heir of Ray Friesen. He controls the oceans.

Episodes: Hiatus Special.

Matt "Hey Thanks, Matt" Golden is a creative director/producer/editor/graphic designer/writer person. After falling in love with Doctor Who's 2005 revival, he brought the classic series to Retro TV in a mostly failed attempt to spur himself into watching all of the classic series. He once helped make a terrible short zombie movie. He possesses the ability to turn any conversation toward The X-Files, a skill that should be monetized any day now. Matt co-created and co-produced the TV series The Unseen World, and really hopes that you will go check it out.

Episodes: The Invasion of Time, WHOlanta: The Macra Terror, Warriors' Gate, The Awakening, Hiatus Special, Ghost Light, The Curse of Fenric, Doctor Who: The Movie, Dalek.

Michael Gordon is a writer, publisher, and podcaster. His creator-owned comic, Tiki Zombie, has been running for over half a decade. He has also written a variety of other books that can be found at Michael can also be heard saying, "Howdy!" on the weekly Earth Station One podcast, as well as a number of other shows. He is an avid aficionado of all kinds of escapism and is a skilled cinephile, TV junkie, and comic fanboy. For more info, check out

Episodes: The Seeds of Doom, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, The Androids of Tara, WHOlanta: The Macra Terror, The Visitation, Silver Nemesis, New Earth.

Brad Heath is an illustrator, graphic designer, and Joe's actual dad. He's also written a book, produced and acted in many of Joe's films, and drawn a handful of comic books. For more info, check out his website.

Episodes: Father's Day, The Christmas Invasion.

Layne Lexx Terminate Henderson was a skater and the head coach for the North Georgia Roller Girls. She's a fan of skating, movies, cosplay, yo-yos, kayaking, costuming, anime, TV, concerts, making props and jewelry, video games, duct tape, cons, and DALEKS! She taught Toni how to skate and not fall down so much.

Episodes: Genesis of the Daleks, Destiny of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks.

Felicity Kusinitz is a scientist from Massachusetts. As the Mayor of Chickentown, Felicity makes occasional appearances on The Flopcast, an ESO Network podcast co-hosted by Kevin (her husband) and Kornflake. She has been a Doctor Who fan since 1984 and has attended the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles every year since 2001.

Episodes: Pyramids of Mars, The Ribos Operation, Nightmare of Eden, Mawdryn Undead, The Five Doctors, Hiatus Special, Mindwarp, The Ultimate Foe, Doctor Who: The Movie.

Hallie Larsson is an unlikely arrangement of particles that appears to have consciousness, desires, and a gender. She splits her time between web development, teaching, and making the first half of cool things (and occasionally the second half of less-cool things). She spent a year training as a hospital chaplain and also co-designed and co-programmed Jamestown, award winning indie game that you have never heard of but somehow own at least two copies of.

Episodes: Hiatus Special, Sixth Doctor Special: Trials and Tribulations, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, 7th Anniversary Special.

Nathan Laws life changed at the age of 5 when he saw The Seeds of Doom. Doctor Who quickly replaced Star Trek as his favorite show. Reading every novelization, original novel, and factbook he can find, he longs for a degree in Whology and holds on to a belief that he hasn't wasted 33 years of his life. When not worrying about when the U.N.I.T. stories are set, Nathan raises two beautiful children with his wonderful wife, Beth. He's the host of The 42cast, the Ultimate Answer to Fandom, Geekiness, and Everything. You can read his Doctor Who TV and Big Finish Audio reviews at Blogger Who. You can tweet him at @_blogger_who or @42cast.

Episodes: Planet of the Spiders, Terror of the Zygons, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, The Sun Makers, Earthshock, Remembrance of the Daleks, Battlefield.

Jez Layman is a Masters of Libraries and an Internet Wizard. She's How To Grow the Fuck Up's Responsible One and spends much of her time teaching the world how to be better adults. She was part of the 5NerdsomeWriters with Toni and was a bridesmaid in our wedding. (Sensing a theme yet?)

Episodes: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Myth Makers, Dr. Who and the Daleks, The Smugglers, An Adventure in Space and Time, The Enemy of the World, The Seeds of Death, Spearhead from Space.

Seumas MacDonald is a Scottish wizard studying Scottish Gaelic in Scotland. Naturally, they volunteered to join the podcast for "The Highlanders". Also naturally, they were in Poland at the time of recording and were joined by Marta who studies rocket science and knows more about non-crofting Scottish history than Seumas.

Episodes: The Highlanders.

Nicole Mazza got sucked into "Doctor Who" in 1986, by the flickering light of her local PBS channel. Her friend was surprised that she was a fan of "The Tomorrow People," yet had never heard of "Doctor Who." This was soon remedied, leading one day to her own "Doctor Who" podcast Terminus. Though she's shy, she'll chat with anyone who wants to talk about the show. Sometimes she frightens them off, (maybe they didn't want to know that much about the history of Omega?), but everyone has their intense passions, right? RIGHT? Check out her Twitter. She'd love to chat, especially if the Seventh Doctor is your favorite (#redkangsarebest). And like Toni, she's into roller derby. Her moniker is Skaro Face, because she just loves Doctor Who a lot.

Episodes: Image of the Fendahl, The Stones of Blood, State of Decay, Terminus.

Melissa was our very first patron and now she's a guest on the show! She's been rewatching all of Classic Who over at Malice Rewatches Doctor Who. She's currently studying to be a vet nurse. She's not been involved in any weddings involving other guests. Yet.

Episodes: Dr. Who and The Daleks, The Evil of the Daleks, Fury from the Deep.

Ben Paddon is a British-born writer, actor and geek humorist currently living in Los Angeles. They're the creator/director/co-writer/host of the game review webseries PortsCenter, the co-creator of the scifi-comedy webcomic/fiction podcast Jump Leads, GM and player on the Doctor Who RPG podcast The Game of Rassilon, and co-writer/voice of the hilarious webseries Dalek Gary. Joe and Ben were groomspeople in Ray Friesen's wedding.

Episodes: The Sensorites, The War Machines, The Tenth Planet, The Moonbase, The Mind Robber, Day of the Daleks, Robot, Shada, The Keeper of Traken, Castrovalva, The Two Doctors.

Ashley Raburn was a part of The Oncoming Storm podcast that explored spin-off media of Doctor Who such as novels, audio adventures, comics, and more. Now he can be found talking about Doctor Who on The Doctor Who A to Z Podcast.

Episodes: The Ice Warriors, The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon, The Robots of Death, The Horns of Nimon, Logopolis, Resurrection of the Daleks, Silver Nemesis, School Reunion.

R. Alan Siler is a writer, drummer, and librarian who has been a Doctor Who fan since seeing "The Five Doctors" somewhere in Florida on November 23, 1983. He has published Doctor Who's Greatest Hits: A Guide to the Best Episodes From Time and Space and Facing the Raven: Doctor Who Series Nine in Review and edited Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who. As an essayist, occasional blogger, and columnist for Target Audience Magazine, he has published articles on a wide range of topics. He was the co-chair of Atlanta-based Doctor Who convention WHOlanta and can be heard on multiple podcasts including Doctor Who A to Z, Modern Musicology, and Earth Station Trek.

Episodes: The Masque of Mandragora, The Robots of Death, WHOlanta: The Macra Terror, The Horns of Nimon, Warriors' Gate, The Awakening, The Mysterious Planet, The Ultimate Foe, School Reunion.

Brian Snape (yes, that's his real surname) lives in Cincinnati, OH, where he obsesses over Doctor Who, Douglas Adams, the Bonzo Dog Band, and other bits of nerdy and geeky detritus. Brian's known Joe for over six decades, having served with Cpl. Heath in the KISS Army. Brian blogs occasionally and tweets regularly on Twitter. He is also a co-host on his own Doctor Who podcast called Harry Sullivan is an Imbecile.

Episodes: The Claws of Axos, The Time Warrior, Revenge of the Cybermen, Horror of Fang Rock, Logopolis, The Visitation.

Josh Spurgin is the star of Monsters Anonymous and many other Minty Pineapple productions. He also makes music. For instance, that time he proposed with a song about Zelda. He was the best man at our wedding. (We saved the best man for last.)

Episodes: The Web Planet.

Richard Starkings is the creator of ELEPHANTMEN, THE BEEF and ASK FOR MERCY! He worked at Marvel UK as an editor, designer and writer of various titles including GI JOE/ACTION FORCE and DOCTOR WHO. He lettered BATMAN THE KILLING JOKE, THE LONG HALLOWEEN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN and DOCTOR WHO amongst hundreds of other comic books and founded the Comicraft studio which pioneered digital comic-book lettering. Dark Horse recently published Omnibus collections of his two Comixology series.

Episodes: Richard Starkings Interview.

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